Housekeeping checklist

Download Housekeeping checklist  (PDF 360.6 KB)

Continuously and/or daily monitor

 Temperature
 Relative humidity
 Light
 Access/security
 Quarantine check new material or donations as they come in
 Check air quality, i.e. dust, odours etc. and report anything unusual to maintenance or management


 Vacuum and clean floors thoroughly, especially around cabinets/drawers and shelves
 Dust tops of shelves and cabinets
 Ensure cabinets are locked and safe


 Check pest traps, identify insects and record findings on pest/trap log
 Open cabinets/drawers and check collection items looking for evidence of damage and/or items not stored correctly.
 Check items on exhibition display; remove sensitive paper based items; page turn books and/or rotate items
 Check and monitor known leak/water entry points for recent damage or moisture.


 Ensure air conditioning filters and duct work are clean and changed; contact building maintenance or management.
 Thoroughly check physical cabinets and collection materials. Check for rust and /or off gasing from furniture and photocopiers in close proximity.
 Check collection material for pests, mould, handling damage and deterioration

5-10 years

 Check and change storage boxes and enclosures, if they show signs of ageing deterioration, wear and tear.
 Review and replace (if necessary) storage furniture
 Work towards improving environmental conditions within building (as funds permit and are made available), to achieve Museum, Library and Gallery Standards (as funds permit and are made available)

The procedures described here have been used by State Library of Queensland in the care of its collections and are considered suitable by State Library as described; however, State Library will not be responsible for damage to your collections should damage result from the use of these procedures.

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