Book wrapping

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This is simple guide on how to wrap books with archival paper.  It offers a secure and affordable option to safely protect, preserve and transport your book collection.


  • Preferably, unbuffered, acid-free (pH neutral) barrier paper (i.e. 100% cotton fibre paper such as alpha cellulose paper or good quality paper), cut to a suitable size and square shape.
  • For added protection and rigidity, sandwich the books between two pieces of mount board or heavy card (pH neutral, 100% cotton fibre).
  • Bone folder, spatula or butter knife for creasing.
  • Stanley knife, steel ruler and cutting mat (if you need to cut your paper to size).

Write tile and author
1. Write down the title and author
Place in centre
2. Place book in the centre of a square piece of archival paper, spine facing away from you
Tuck paper under book
3. Tuck paper under book
Crease side on right and fold
4. Crease the side on the right and fold over
Do same on left
5. Do the same for the left
Crease both sides at the top
6. Crease both sides at the top
Fold book over
7. Fold book over
Turn over then tuck in
8. Turn book over then tuck in
Write on wrapping
9. Write title and author information onto wrapping

The procedures described here have been used by State Library of Queensland in the care of its collections and are considered suitable by State Library as described; however, State Library will not be responsible for damage to your collections should damage result from the use of these procedures.

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