How to guides

This section provides some useful how to guides to help you preserve and care for your collections at home or work.

General care of your collections - Overview

A brief information guide on the care of family history document collections including books, diaries, documents, letters and photographs.

Paper-based collections

Paper items can be easily damaged. To prevent damage, loose documents, certificates and works of art on paper should be handled correctly and stored in appropriate storage enclosures.

Books and bound material

Provides general guidelines for the care of bound volumes and books, including printed and manuscript material. It outlines what causes deterioration and methods for minimising further damage.


A guide outlining advice on storing and caring for parchment documents.


Photos are precious memories of events, relatives and friends. Learn how photograph collections deteriorate and how to preserve your photos for future generations.

Digital prints

Measures to minimise potential risks with regard to digital images/prints.

Magnetic media

Is your wedding on VHS? Your music on audiocassettes? The information guide outlines how to care for magnetic media e.g. videotapes, floppy disks, data tapes, hard disk drives.

Motion picture film

This guide describes ways to preserve motion picture film collections.

Digital content

Find out how to preserve your digital photographs, emails, recordings and documents.

Preservation planning for large collections

How to develop a preservation plan to care for a large collection now and into the future.

Suppliers and guide to selecting preservation material

Are you aware of the correct enclosures and preservation materials you should use for your precious collections? This guide helps you to locate suppliers and offers storage solutions.

How to make a four flap enclosure

Instructions for making a simple storage enclosure to protect small books, negatives and prints.

How to make an archival corrugated phase box

Instruction for making a versatile archival box to store precious materials like photographs, diaries, books and art works.

Storage furniture

A guide describing how to select the right storage furniture for collections.

Emergency recovery of water damaged collections

Emergency recovery of water damaged collections - an info guide from State Library of Queensland.

Salvaging water damaged collections

This page outlines steps to salvage water damaged paper, book, photographic and audiovisual collections.

Pest management

A guide providing details on how to protect collections from pest activity.

Dealing with mould

What to do to minimise the effect of mould on your collections and precious items.

Freezing water damaged and insect infected collections

Freezing can be an effective method for insect eradication and treating water damaged collections.

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