Preserving your collections

Assistant Conservator, Sid, constructing an archival box
Assistant Conservator Sid constructs an archival box

Have your family heirlooms been flood or storm damaged? Are your precious old family photos starting to crack and fade? Can they be fixed? What is the best way to store old books, letters and documents so that they won't deteriorate?

Preservation staff at the State Library of Queensland are experts in ensuring the long term preservation of all kinds of books, ephemera, art works, documents, sheet music, films, audiovisual materials and photographs.

We offer concise, free advice to organisations and the public on a range of issues:

  • preventative conservation
  • preservation requirements for collection storage and display areas
  • conservation treatment options for a range of library materials
  • environmental monitoring
  • reformatting options
  • preservation suppliers
  • conservators in private practice

If you have an enquiry please contact us or check out our outreach activities which include workshops, talks and free conservation clinics.


These demonstrate some of the available processes for preserving documents.

...or see our FAQs and How to guides.

Library membership

State Library of Queensland provides special library services for members who have an SLQ membership card (formerly known as an e-services card).