Queensland newspapers

Newspapers reflect our social, political and cultural history. They allow us to be voyeurs of societies that no longer exist, immersing us in the cultural setting of a bygone era.

State Library of Queensland collects newspapers, past and present, from all of Queensland. Notably we have the Courier Mail and its predecessors, from the first issue of the Moreton Bay Courier in 1846. Queensland newspapers are collected by SLQ as part of The Australian Newspaper Plan which aims to collect and preserve every newspaper published in Australia, guaranteeing public access to these important historical records.

WANTED: Queensland's missing newspapers

The search is on for specific newspapers that are missing from the extensive newspaper collections at SLQ. Do you have the issues we are missing? If you have a stack of old newspapers gathering dust under the bed or out in the shed, then you may be able to help fill some of the gaps in these collections.

Preserving Queensland newspapers

In order to protect newspapers for as long as possible, but still provide access to the information they contain, SLQ microfilms Queensland newspapers. These newspapers are easily accessible in the Micrographics Room adjacent to the Tim Fairfax Newspaper Reading Room.

Paper edition newspapers

Current editions of many Queensland titles are held in the Tim Fairfax Newspaper Reading Room.

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