Popular songbooks

Looking for a particular song?  Our popular songbooks include jazz, pop, rock, rap, blues, country, folk, 'golden oldies', Broadway, show, vaudeville, music hall, 'old time radio', songs from musicals and films and community songs.  You can borrow music from the State Library of Queensland by registering as a borrower.

Finding a song

Every song in every popular songbook is searchable by title.  Type your title into the One Search catalogue search box.  After 'Look for my query:' there are three menus.  Select 'in the title' from the right hand menu to find the song and its songbook.  Your song title must be correct for the search to succeed.

I can't quite remember the title...

You could try to search part of the title as a phrase.  Keyword searching may also be helpful.  Type your phrase or words into the box.  Select 'anywhere in the record' to find the song and the songbook.  Sometimes an author search of the name of the composer or performer will produce results.  If you still cannot locate your song, State Library staff will be able to help you.

I only know some of the words...

An Internet search will help to discover the correct title of your song.  In inverted commas, type whatever phrase or words you know.  For example, a Google search of "Jeremiah was a bullfrog" reveals the correct song title of Joy to the world.

Borrowing popular songbooks

Borrow popular songbooks by registering as a borrower of the State Library of Queensland. Visit us at the Level 3 Information Desk with identification showing your current address and photo id.

Did you know?

Folk songs and songs from musicals can also be found in the general score collection.

Folk songs can be found in collected anthologies and songs from musicals can be found by searching for the composer or the name of the musical.

For more information about popular songs, try this infoguide:
How to search the catalogue for popular songs

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