Finding wedding music

What does the Music collection include?

State Library's music collection comprises books, encyclopaedias, directories and journals, as well as scores, sheet music, songbooks and sound recordings. Online resources and videos are also available. The library holds over 40,000 scores, and an extensive collection of sheet music (over 100 000 items). The popular songbook collection contains over 2100 items and sound recordings include over 5,500 CDs. State Library offers a number of music databases, including Oxford Music Online, The Music Index, EMusicQuest, the Classical Music Library and Naxos Music Library.

The music collection contains a wide range of popular, traditional, and sacred music for weddings. This list may help you choose suitable songs and instrumental pieces for the occasion.

Music for the organ

  • Oxford Book of Wedding Music (SCR 786.8054 A1 OXF/1992) outlines musical pieces that could be used in the three sections of the marriage celebration – Processional, Interludes and Recessional. It contains
    mostly classical standards and traditional pieces fro organ, as well as some commonly known wedding arias and marches.
  • Wedding Music (SCR 786.8054 A1 WED/1978) also outlines the three sections of the ceremony, and contains popular, sacred and traditional pieces for voice and organ accompaniment.
  • Wedding and Sacred Music (SCR 786.8054 A1 WED/1948). This book contains wedding, Christmas and sacred music from different eras and is suitable for many occasions.
  • A Wedding Bouquet : Organ for the Marriage Ceremony (SCR 786.8054 A1 WED/1979) contains a small selection of classical pieces.

Music for piano

  • Classical Music for the Wedding Service (SCR 786.4054 A1 CLA/1989). Intermediate level classical piano pieces, which cover pre-service, interludes, processionals and recessionals.
  • The Wedding Collection – 22 Preludes, processionals and Recessionals (SCR 786.4054 A1 WED/1992) is the piano/organ accompaniment to the CD Instrumental collection. It may act as an accompaniment score to the sound recording.
  • Love and Wedding Piano Solos (SCR 786.4054 A1 LOV/1991) includes popular and classical pieces.
  • The Essential Wedding Book (SCR 786.4054 A1 ESS/1990). A collection of preludes, postludes and selected vocal solos.


  • The Wedding Collection (SCR 784.3061 A1 WED/1992) contains 52 vocal solos with piano/organ accompaniment and offers song suggestions for different parts of the ceremony.
  • The New Complete Wedding Songbook (SCR 784.3061 A1 NEW/1987) contains popular and traditional songs with piano accompaniment.
  • The New Book of Golden Wedding Songs (SCR 784.3061 A1 NEW/1988) contains wedding pieces with vocal, piano and guitar accompaniment. It also contains popular movie wedding themes, as well as traditional classic melodies.
  • There is Love, There is Love (SCR 784.3061 A1 THE/1971). A collection of wedding and love songs.
  • The Best of Popular Wedding Music (SCR 784.3061 A1 BES/1992).
  • The New Book of Golden Wedding Songs (SCR 784.3061 A1 NEW/1988). The Complete Wedding Music Collection (MUSIC 02019).
  • The Musician's Gig Library : For all Occasions : Weddings & Special Events (MUSIC 02031).
  • Wedding Duets : 22 Arrangements for Medium Voice (SCR 784.3062 A1 WED/1995). Popular songs arranged for vocal duet with piano.

Other instruments and ensembles

  • Wedding for guitar (SCR 787.61 A1 WED/1995). TAB and chords with guitar solos and duets, and optional parts for C instruments.
  • The Classical Wedding (SCR 788.1542 A1 CLA/1988) for solo trumpet and organ.
  • The Joyous Wedding (SCR 788.1542 A1 JOY/1992) for solo trumpet and organ.
  • Wedding Music for String Quartet (SCR 785.7471 A1 WED/1990) contains parts for a string quartet, with optional double base.

Fake books (for voice and guitar)

  • The Wedding Fake Book (MUSIC 01154) contains a large variety of popular and traditional wedding songs, movie theme songs and classical pieces, with a melody line and simple chord indications.
  • Love and Wedding Fake Book (MUSIC 01304) contains more than 285 popular wedding songs for piano, guitar and voice. It also provides a melody line and chord indications.

CDs - You can listen to some examples before you choose

  • 15 Popular Wedding Favorites (QCD POP FIF 333) is a sound recording containing the most popular pop wedding songs.
  • 15 Traditional Wedding Favorites (QCD POP FIF 350) is a sound recording containing the most popular traditional wedding marches, and all time favorites.
  • 15 Country Wedding Favorites (QCD POP FIF 656) is a sound recording with the most popular country wedding songs.
  • 15 Christian Wedding Favorites (QCD POP FIF 121) is a sound recording containing the most popular sacred/religious wedding songs.
  • 22 Instrumental Preludes, Processionals and Recessionals (QCD POP TWE 664) is a sound recording of the most popular instrumental wedding pieces. Sheet music for this CD is contained in the wedding collection book for piano and organ.

How can I access this collection?

Music scores and albums are located on level 3. These resources can be consulted on site or can be borrowed by registering as a music borrower.

You can find more wedding music albums by searching the State Library's online catalogue.

CDs can be requested through the State Library's online catalogue. A staff member can assist you with this process. CD listening stations are available on level 3. You will need to bring your own headphones or can purchase a set from the Library Bookshop for a small fee.

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