Hymnology collection

State Library of Queensland's hymnology collection contains hymn books for most Christian denominations in English and in other languages. The collection also contains reference material such as indexes, prayer books, handbooks and thesauri plus books about hymn composers.


The earliest hymn book in the collection is dated 1637.
We have hymn books in foreign languages including Gaelic, Welsh, French, German, Dutch, Greek, Latin, danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Russian, Korean, Japanese and Indonesian.

How do I start?

You can track a hymn down even if you remember only the first line or the name of the tune.  You can find out the origin and history of any Christian hymn no matter what language it is in or how old it is. Library staff will help you to find the hymns you want.


To search the collection in the catalogue, type "hymns" in the search box and choose Music Scores from the "Collection" section of the "Refine my results" list.

Did you know?

According to NetHymnal traffic, Amazing Grace is the most popular hymn in the English language.  The words, by John Newton, appeared in Newton's Olney hymns of 1779.  The State Library holds Olney hymns; in 3 parts, 1847.

The standard tune for the hymn is New Britain.

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