The State Library of Queensland's music collection is comprised of books and magazines, scores, sheet music, song albums and sound recordings. We also provide access to electronic music resources.

Sheet music collection

State Library has sheet music from the Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian and modern (1920s+) eras. We also hold more than 800 pieces of sheet music of Australian subject matter and commemorative value

Hymnology collection

Our collection contains hymn books for most Christian denominations in English and in other languages

Performance sets

Performance sets for orchestra, bands and choirs collection available at State Library of Queensland

Popular songbooks

Our popular songbooks include jazz, pop, rock, rap, blues, country and many more.

Music score collection

At SLQ, more than 40 000 scores are available for loan, covering all periods of music. Genres include classical, pop, jazz, folk, hymnology and early music.

Music eresources

General and specialist encyclopedias, sound recordings and music scores including Oxford Music Online, Classical Scores Library, Opera in Video and the New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians.

Music map of Queensland

Come on a musical journey through Queensland and discover the musical stories set in diverse landscapes from the wet tropics to the inland deserts.

Library membership

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