Languages other than English (LOTE) resources at your local public library

There are over 340 public libraries in Queensland offering a variety of services.

Find your local public library from the directory of public libraries.  Check the RLQ catalogue.

Public libraries in Queensland are fun, free and for everyone! Library staff are there to help you even if they do not speak your language.

You can find something for every member of your family at a public library:

  • come and enjoy activities for children and young people
  • stay in touch with family, friends and news by learning new computer and Internet skills
  • help with English skills – libraries offer a range of services
  • borrow books, magazines, newspapers, DVDs, CDs
  • read books in over 50 languages for adults and children
  • discover collections that document Queensland history including its rich cultural heritage.

The State Library of Queensland LOTE collection has over 70,000 items in over 50 languages [PDF 79 KB] other than English. Each language includes reading material for adults and children. Some languages also include large print books, audio books, DVDs and music CDs. This free service is available from your local public library.

Many local public libraries host English conversation groups.  Ask your local library staff about free English classes and other language activities or about a referral to language classes in your community.

Resources for improving English

State Library’s adult literacy collection has resources for improving reading, writing and numeracy skills as well as learning English as a second language.  There are resources for students and literacy tutors. Resources include:

  • Learning English for LOTE speakers
  • workbooks on grammar, spelling and comprehension in print and audio
  • books and audio material on numeracy and everyday living skills such as job searching, using technology and safety at the beach
  • easy to read novels and short stories
  • IELTS workbooks
  • teaching theory and practice books for tutors

Tutors can ask library staff about:

  • information on the literacy collection and the wide range of library resources available
  • free public library spaces for conducting classes or one-to-one sessions

Contact your local public library to find out more information.

Library membership

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