Guide to government gazettes

State Library of Queensland holds editions of the Queensland Government Gazette from December 1859 onwards.

What is in the gazettes?

Government gazettes provide proclamations by the State Governor, and official notice of actions taken by Government authorities, Government departments, local councils and companies.

The Queensland Government Gazette can help you find information about:

  • Appointments to Government positions and resignations of senior officers
  • Notices of medals and decorations, awards granted etc
  • Brands (registration and transfer)
  • Electoral divisions: establishment and changes to electoral district boundaries
  • Declaration of Insolvencies
  • Lands:
    • Assessments and transfers of runs
    • Agricultural reserves
    • Land orders
    • Land repossession
    • Land reserves
    • Land sales and leases
  • Legislation notices: announcements of new Acts of Parliament, regulations and amendments
  • Lighthouses (appointments of keepers, lighthouse closures)
  • Naturalisations
  • Patent registrations
  • Police notices
  • Registration lists of medical practitioners, builders, publicans, justices of the peace etc.
  • Registration of companies and firms
  • Tenders for public works, schools, roads, etc.
  • Unclaimed letters
  • Wills, intestacies and transmission of real estate by death

Finding the Queensland Government Gazette in SLQ's catalogue

Government records can be tricky to find because there are many variations of their titles. Here's a tip for finding Government gazettes in SLQ's catalogue One Search:

  • In One Search, enter "Queensland Government Gazette" in the search box as a phrase. Remember to use "gazette", not "gazettes"
  • Limit your search to title.

This will retrieve the main entry for the Queensland Government Gazette with the call numbers for the microfilm, microfiche and printed versions.


Queensland State Archives. Government Gazettes

Queensland Government Gazette - Indexes

Various indexes covering different time periods exist for the Queensland Government Gazette.

Consolidated Indexes (1859-1919):

Various specialised indexes also exist. These include indexes to Queensland timber licences, publicans' licences, proclamations of boundaries, among others.

Find the specialised indexes in the catalogue by typing "government gazette" index in the search box.

Government Gazettes on the web


Queensland Government Gazette 1859-1900

Queensland Government Gazette 2003 +

Queensland Government Industrial Gazette 2000-2009


New South Wales Government Gazette 1832-1900


Victorian Government Gazette Archive: 1836–1997

Commonwealth gazettes

Finding Commonwealth gazettes in SLQ's catalogue

In One search, if you type "commonwealth gazette" in the search box (no limits required) you will retrieve records for the original gazette and its separate versions (special, periodic, chemical etc.). You can be specific if required e.g. "commonwealth gazette special". Just remember to use gazette, not gazettes.

Commonwealth gazettes on the web

The Commonwealth Gazettes Online site provides access to Government notices gazettes as well as special and periodic gazettes which have been published since 1 July 2002.

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