Student resource: Letter to a Maker - Years 7-10

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Dear                                                    (choose a story from Magnificent Makers you are interested in and address letter to them)

I have just been to an exhibition at the State Library of Queensland with my school for (what subject were you on excursion for?). I didn’t know what to expect at an exhibition called Magnificent Makers, and then I learnt about your story.

I thought your story was (what was your first impression?). Before our excursion I knew
(had you heard about this person or group, had you seen any of their ideas before?) about you and your story.

The way you were inspired to                                                                          (what was the maker trying to achieve?) made me think you must have been a fairly person (what personal quality did this maker/group have that you find commendable?). The opportunity you saw to
(what opportunity or problem did this maker see do you think?) lead you to  
(what did they do about this opportunity or problem?).

I can see you faced many challenges working around the area of Queensland (where in Queensland?) in the time of

(what years were they working?). Challenges like:
(did they have to rise above gender or racial stereotypes? Were materials, technologies or scientific research readily available to them?)

You tried to create a preferred future in your time by
(What was their approach? Were they; risk takers/ trailblazers / entrepreneurs / researchers?) and ultimately using imagination, creativity and curiosity.

In 2018 we have technology, materials and knowledge at our fingertips. I think if you had the chance, you might like the
challenge of
(think of an opportunity in our lives this maker might see and take on now). It might look something like this:

(sketch a modern or futuristic interpretation of their ideas, or imagine them responding to a modern or futuristic challenge).
In conclusion, I want to say
(what would you say to this maker? Would you thank them or make a suggestion to them?)

Yours truly,

Year      ,                                                                                                      (school name)

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