Student resource: Diary of a Maker - Years 4-6

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(record a time from this maker's story)

Dear Diary,

I have been thinking lately about my work, my ideas and my creations and though I should write some things down. Maybe someday, someone will find them of interest.

Today I am in                                                                    , which is roughly here (where in Queensland is the Maker?)  Insert blank map of Queensland

I first started doing what I do because

(why do you think this maker did the things s/he did? What was the driving force?)

I could see that

(what was the opportunity, challenge or circumstance that inspired this maker?)

I am most proud of

(describe an achievement, creation or personal quality you admire about this Maker)

Here is a sketch of my

(choose an artefact or invention you enjoyed from the exhibition and sketch it)

I really hope I made a difference to

(for what group or purpose do you think the Maker was creating a preferred future?)

and the way

(how did the work of the Maker change society?)

Perhaps in the future people might consider my work and think

(what do you think? What would you say to this Maker if you could?)

I know that the society, environment and culture of my time has influenced my work. I often wonder what the future will be like and how my work might be if I lived in that future. Maybe I would create something like this:
(how might your maker respond to a current challenge or opportunity to incorporate modern or future technologies? Draw your ideas)

Thank you dear reader, for taking the time to read the thoughts of this curious creator.
I wish you well!

(sign your name as your Maker)

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