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This resource has been designed for senior-school educators (years 11-12) and connects most strongly to the Information Communications Technologies and Design Senior Subjects, specifically Senior Graphics and Senior Technology Studies.


Magnificent Makers tells eight stories of canny creations, daring discoveries and imaginative inventions that trace a path through Queensland’s history since the late nineteenth century. These are stories of individuals and groups who applied ingenuity, innovation, perseverance and empathy to create preferred futures.

Through these stories, students have opportunities to reflect on how society, times and culture shape our responses to problems and opportunities alike. This resource, combined with a visit to the exhibition, encourages students to connect and empathise with the people behind the stories, considering just how determination and creativity might effect positive change in our world.

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Exhibition Activity

Process of a Maker

This activity has been designed to complete in the exhibition space or as a reflective activity back at school. Print out the Process of a Maker template (one for each student). Students select one of the stories featured in the exhibition to use as inspiration to evaluate, explore and develop ideas (QSA, 2013). This activity focuses on, but is not limited to, the area of industrial design.

Exploring design problems: Using the Process of a Maker template students complete a guided analysis of the original Maker’s product or idea using the design factors of user-centred design, design strategies and the elements and principals of design. Developing ideas: Students are then asked to re-imagine this same idea in a more modern context (creating a preferred future) incorporating modern or futuristic technologies, materials, problems and opportunities.

Consider extending your visit to Magnificent Makers in the classroom by

Developing ideas:
Students develop their design ideas in their design folios. Students formulate a new written design brief based on the ideas generated within the Process of a Maker activity. They may now conduct further research as required and develop their ideas using annotated sketching and prototypes from card, craft and recycled materials or plasticine.

Produce graphical products:
Students produce a graphical product in accordance with their idea. This may take the form of a more resolved prototype, a graphical poster or set of visuals communicating their idea to an identified audience. Students may even produce CAD drawings or a 3D printed artefact of their idea.

Curriculum links

The Process of a Maker activity connects specifically but is not limited to:

Information Communications Technologies and Design Senior Subjects: Specifically the design process (QSA, 2013) found within Senior Graphics and Senior Technology Studies.

Senior Science educators may also be interested to visit Magnificent Makers to learn more about the story of the Prickly Pear, still regarded as the most successful example of biological weed control in world history. This unit could be developed as a research project, ideal for students in regional areas of Queensland where opportunities to connect to the story more authentically may be found. More specifically this story connects to:

Science 21 Catalysts for Discovery (CfD) and Environment
Biology Evaluating Biological Issues (EBI)
Agricultural Science Sustainable Resource Management

Further reading and resources

To familiarise yourself or revisit the stories from Magnificent Makers with your students be sure to visit the website

  • descriptions of each ‘Magnificent Maker’
  • portraits of each ‘Maker’ and objects related to their story
  • full room brochure with extended exhibition information and content list, all searchable through SLQ’s OneSearch catalogue available on the home page
  • digital stories on four ‘Magnificent Makers’, also available through SLQ’s OneSearch catalogue
  • TV and old newsreel footage to view together in class:

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