Learning Pack: Don’t Just Count Us, Let Us Count!


Ten years ago, the Aboriginal Centre for Performing Arts (ACPA) developed a show called Reflections: Referendum 40 years and to the future. The performance was a creative response to the anniversary of the 1967 Referendum when Australians voted overwhelmingly for constitutional change to count Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islanders in the national census.

Don’t Just Count Us, Let Us Count! tells the story of this historic milestone through the eyes ofACPA students as they reflect on the creative process, research and the performance which shaped who they are today and their understanding of the campaign to be counted.

Education Overview

Don’t Just Count Us, Let Us Count! exhibition provides a rich source of learning and gives important first-hand perspectives on Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islanders and how the 1967 Referendum changed their world.

Cross Curricular Connection: This exhibition addresses cross-curricular needs in terms of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures. Additionally, for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, they can strongly see their identities and cultures reflected. And, for all students, there are opportunities to gain respect for and recognise the world’s oldest continuous living cultures. There is a lot to be gained for all high school students in attending the exhibition or viewing some of the archival footage online.

Apart from targeted learning programs for specific subjects, we have put together the Don’t Just Count Us, Let Us Count! Cross Curricular Resource Pack of resources and links relevant for high school students generally. It contains links to archival footage and script of Reflections:Referendum 40 years and to the future.

History and English Curricular Connections

Targeted learning programs have been put together as part of Don’t Just Count Us, Let Us Count! for:

  • Year 10 History, and English
  • Senior Modern History, and English
  • Connections can be found also for students of Drama

Don’t Just Count Us, Let Us Count! runs concurrently with Freedom Then, Freedom Now, an exhibition in the Philip Bacon Heritage Gallery at State Library which explores freedoms and civil rights lost and won in Queensland from 1950 to 2015.

Attending the Exhibition

Attending the exhibition brings access to a range of objects and audio visual displays for students’engagement, as they go back stage into the set of Reflections. An excellent way to prepare students is by viewing the Don’t Just Count Us, Let Us Count! Online Showcase to introduce them to the types of objects and materials they will encounter. The exhibition’s online guide to relevant Research and Resources can provide additional insights into the way of life of Indigenous people,and together with the Freedoms Manifest Task Sheet connects what students will experience and learn when visiting the Freedom Then, Freedom Now exhibition. Guided tours of the exhibition can be booked via State Library’s website.

Online Activity Programs

If you would like to extend the learning experience or are unable to attend the exhibition, the activity programs have been designed to provide engaging ways for students to encounter the
exhibition materials to prompt new perspectives and insights. The following programs have been designed with strong curricular connections.

  • Scenes of ‘67
    Explores: First-hand perspectives of the importance and impact of the 1967 Referendum on Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islanders. The perspective is gained through scripts, video footage of the theatre production, and digital stories created from interviews
    Focus: History Year 10, Modern History Unit 2, English Year 10 and Senior English Unit 2
  • Freedoms, Rights and Movements
    Explores: Human Rights and impact of major global movements in Australia
    Focus: History Year 10 Civics and Citizenship Year 10
  • Global Influences on Popular Culture
    Explores: Global influences on beliefs, values and living standards and its reflection in popular culture providing a social and historical context for the 1967 Referendum
    Focus: History Year 10
  • Participate!
    Explores: The language of protest and persuasion
    Focus: English Year 10, History year 10 and Senior English Unit 2


Don’t Just Count Us, Let Us Count is located in kuril dhagun on level 1 from 5 May until 1 October 2017.  The online resources will remain accessible into the foreseeable future.