Freedom learning notes

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The learning opportunities for students from State Library of Queensland’s exhibitions Freedom Then, Freedom Now, and Don’t Just Count Us, Let Us Count! are many and varied for any students studying civil rights and global movements. These exhibitions, now closed, resonated with these themes, and provided opportunities for very different insights. Freedom Then, Freedom Now provided the context of social change, and the emergence of Queensland from its strong agricultural roots, with its ‘country town’ style capital, Brisbane, to a highly urbanised, multi-cultural state, participating in a globalised world economy. The exhibition worked to highlight the transition in the last sixty-five years. Human rights and civil liberties were recurring themes, as well as the changes in popular culture.

Don’t Just Count Us, Let us Count! focused on the rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, in particular, their constitutional recognition in the 1967 Referendum – 2017 being the 50 year anniversary. The magic of this exhibition was that the story was told through musical theatre –students entered the backstage realms of the theatre production Reflections: Referendum 40 years and to the future developed ten years ago by the Aboriginal Centre for Performing Arts (ACPA).

Learning Pack: Freedom Then, Freedom Now

All subjects exploring issues of human rights, ways to give voice to those rights, weighing up beliefs and values, and the way global influences act on these will benefit from engagement with the exhibition and its associated resources.

Learning Pack: Don’t Just Count Us, Let Us Count!

Don’t Just Count Us, Let Us Count! exhibition provided a rich source of learning and gives important first-hand perspectives on Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islanders and how the 1967 Referendum changed their world.

Freedoms, Rights and Movements

Explores : Human Rights and impact of major global movements in Australia
Focus : History Year 10 Civics and Citizenship Year 10

Global Influences on Popular Culture

Explores : Global influences on beliefs, values and living standards and its reflection in popular culture
Focus : History Year 10. A PowerPoint is available to guide an inquiry into Global Influences.


Explores : The language of protest and persuasion
Focus : English Year 10, Senior English Unit 2 and History Year 10

Scenes of ‘67

Explores : First-hand perspectives of the importance in impact of the 1967 Referendum on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. 
Focus : History Year 10, Modern History Unit 2, English Year 10 and Senior English Unit 2 This document provides an overview of all the programs with curriculum linkages for each year. For each program there are Activity Instructions which contain the task description and worksheets.

Given the nature of the content in Freedom Then, Freedom Now materials have been designed for a Year 10 and up audience. Overall, across the two exhibitions, learning notes have been designed for:

  • History Year 10, Senior Modern History Unit 2
  • Civics and Citizenship Year 10
  • English Year 10, Senior English Unit 2