Talbot Family Treasures Wall
Activity sheet (all grades)

This document has been designed as an activity sheet which we recommend be downloaded as a PDF and printed for students to use. Download the Talbot Family Treasures Wall activity sheet  (PDF 131.3 KB)

Photo analysis

Choose a photograph on the wall and answer the following questions.

General information
Who is the photographer? What is the accession number (Acc:) negative no:?
Where is the photograph kept?
What does the photo label say?

When do you think this photograph was taken?
Is there anything in the background that would give you an idea of when it was taken? Look for dates, clothes the people are wearing, signs, items of technology etc.

Was this image taken inside or outside?
What animals or plants can you see in the image?
What is the weather like?
Where do you think it was taken?

How many are there in this image?
How old are they?
What are they doing?
How are they dressed?
Do they look happy, sad or something else?

Buildings and structures
Describe the buildings and structures you see in the photograph:
Are they old or new?
Are they damaged?
What do you think they are used for? Why do you think this?

Why do you think this image was taken?
Was it to celebrate a person or event?
Was it to show how life was?
Was it to celebrate success?
Was it for another reason?

Write some questions you have about this image

Write your hypothesis:
Write down what you think is happening in this photograph. Give as much background information as you can to support your hypothesis. Answer the following questions in sentences.

Who is in the photograph?

What is happening in the photograph?

Where is the photograph taken?

When was the photograph taken?

Why was the photograph taken?

What else would you like to include?

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