Extra resources

This document has been designed as an activity sheet which we recommend be downloaded as a PDF and printed for students to use. Download Extra resources (PDF 171.5 KB)

These extra resources are designed to further assist your students and include:

Study topic
Inquiry questions
Background Information

Explore what students already know about the First World War

Have your students fill out a KW chart (Resource 1). As well as ascertaining knowledge base, these charts are useful in the development of student driven inquiry questions.

Set the Scene

Discuss Australia before the war

What were the key events before the war (federation, the drought etc)?
How were Australia’s Indigenous peoples, women and migrants treated before the war?
What was the White Australia policy and how did it shape Australia’s population and views?

Complete a venn diagram to show the similarities and differences between Australia at the time and Australia today.

Discuss the British Empire and Australia’s relationship with Britain at the time

How did Australia’s relationship to Britain shape Australian’s view of themselves and their loyalties?

Map the British Empire

At the beginning of the war the rest of the world largely viewed Australia as simply an outpost of Britain. The strong bonds Australia shared with Britain meant that many Australians viewed themselves the same way and looked to Britain for leadership. Economically Great Britain was Australia’s largest trading partner, socially most of the population were of British heritage and politically the people of Australia, despite living in a recently federated country, were still considered British citizens until 1948.

Resource 1: KW Chart

What I Know about First World War

What I Would Like to Know about First World War

Resource 2:

Use the table below to consider cause and effect of First World War.
In the first column write definitions for the terms shown. In the second describe how this affected the outbreak of First World War.







Resource 3: Glossary of exhibition words

You will encounter the following words and terms while visiting the exhibition. Write their definitions below.






British Empire



















Explain the similarities between the following terms:

Conscription vs Enlistment
Celebration vs Commemoration

Resource 4: Frayer Model

Frayer Model Resource

Resource 5: Enlistment form

Make up an enlistment form or base it on an original. Create table. Include title: Application for enlistment. Name, Age, Date of Birth, Medical History, Skills, Address, Reasons for Wanting to Join the Armed Forces.

Resource 6: Senses Chart

Design a senses chart below. You might like to use images in the box to the left. In the right column students must write down what life was like in a trench. For example... what did they see? What could they hear?..






Resource 7: Poems

Poetry resource inside the war front, SLQ Gallery:

The Recruit
By Charles Shaw

If I must go and leave these ways I know
These dusks and dawns, and colour in the trees,
And the slow yarns, and wood-smoke hanging low,
And glowing stars, and cattle at their ease
And all the dear, small things of which I am part –
I do not go for any prideful cause
That Europe might defend.
But only that the sun-swept Austral land
Might still lie warm within the Austral hand;
And that young boys, who speak the tongue I know,
Might laugh in years ahead where sunsets glow;
While softly, softly in the leaves of the kurrajongs,
The night wind croons its tiny summer songs.

Popular songs inside the home front, Philip Bacon Heritage Gallery:

Our boys at the Front
Steadily advancing
In battles grand array,
The pride of our Austral land
At the Front to-day

Back Home
Back Home, back home
Gee! Its great to be safe back home;
While the bells ring a peal of joy,
And the folks at home greet their
Soldier Boy.
Back Home, back home,
Never more far away to roam
Tho’ a welcome like this, fills
a soldier with bliss,
Gee! Its great to be safe,
Back Home, back home.

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