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In the gallery

  • Take as many photos as you like. These can help with your post visit activities. Avoid taking photos of others unless you have sought permission.
  • Feel free to share on social media using #digitalfutures
  • Use the worksheet Digital Futures with your students. Print and copy as required.

Available experiences

There is a diverse range of experiences on offer in the Lab. This list can help you identify which experiences you want to prioritise. Let us know when you arrive and we can help you achieve your aims. A full list of the videos in the exhibition (including hyperlinks) is listed under resources.

Body: In the future, what super-human powers do you think technology will give us?
Adaptive technologies
Innovation/Future Business
Artworks x 3
Video screens x 5
Future fashion craft activity        
Environment: Can digital technologies enhance the natural world in which we live? What information would you like to be able to see in real time?
Data visualisation
Interactive technologies
Urban planning
Augmented Reality Sandpit
NASA data visualisations
Natural environment
Touch screen x 1 
Video screen x 2
Smart cities and farms: What object would you connect to the Internet of Things and what would it do?
Smart farms - using data to improve practices
Smart cities - how smart cities communicate
Video screen x 2
Data collection and surveillance Wall graphic
Large interactive touch screen from Seqwater exploring water grid Water Globe touch screen
Security: How do you remember passwords?
Data visualisation
Information security
Password security
Bitcoin transaction screen
Data breach screen
Password word clouds
Cyber threat screen
Truth: How can you tell if information you see online is true?
Filter bubbles
Information security
Fake news
Physical structure of the walled garden plus didactic panel
Connection: Would you prefer a robot or a real animal as a pet? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?
The effect social media has on our brains
Texting that saves lives - note this content is 18+
Emotional robots
3 x video case studies
Live Twitter feeds. Contribute by tweeting online
#DigitalDetox #RUOK #robots
3 x live Twitter feeds
Social robots - See volunteers to request a cuddle PARO robotic seal
Work: What kind of jobs will people do in the future? Will we be free to do more interesting and creative work? Or will we all just get to go on holidays? If we don't have jobs, how will we earn money?
Future of work
Sharing economy
Changing business models
Video screen x 3
Mind map of ideas
Learning: Can you imagine learning in a virtual classroom? What do you think the advantages and disadvantages of this would be?
Evolution of technology over time
Educational games in virtual reality, iPad and on a Windows 3.1 PC from the early 1990s
Oculus Rift VR
2 x iPads
Windows 3.1
Google Cardboard: Low cost virtual reality headset that can be used with a smartphone Google cardboard
Jobs of the future
Learning in the future
Drone simulators x 2
The self: What do digital places look and feel like? How are they different from physical places? Do you ever crave one over the other?
Interactive/tech based art installation exploring our worries and dreams for the future in a physical network of copper wire vines Hive Mind art installation
So many experiences! Future work and learning
Eg. Tilt brush to draw in 3D - applications for rapid prototyping OR Blue - future of education/tourism
Virtual reality: Room size
Mindfulness: How do you use technology to relax? How do you manage how much time you spend on technology?
Interactive mindfulness apps to explore
Future business ideas
iPads x 3
Video screen x 1
Play space
Control computer with your body
- Play sports such as bowling or table tennis
Projector 1: Xbox with Kinect 
TED talks channel Projector 2:TED talks
Augmented reality - ask a volunteer to show you Aurasma iPad
Room size virtual reality. So many experiences!
Future Business and future learning
Eg. Tilt brush to draw in 3D- applications for rapid prototyping OR Blue – future of education/tourism 
Virtual reality
Interactive Timeline: Visitors can contribute ideas
- evolution of technology over time
- predictions for the future 
Design thinking and technologiesBooks
Optional extras
Ozobot robots: These can be brought out on request. A great introduction to codingOzobots

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