Learning notes

To support exhibitions and events, State Library creates learning notes with teaching and learning activities linked directly to the Australian Curriculum. These notes are designed to enhance your onsite experience.

Magnificent Makers

Magnificent Makers is an intriguing exploration of innovation and invention in Queensland from the late 1800s to the present day.

Digital Futures Lab

Join us in the Digital Futures Lab -- an immersive space designed to make you think, and, maybe, even look twice. Try your hand at awesome cutting edge technologies such as Tilt Brush or learn how to control a computer with your mind. Discover smart cities and digital bodies, real life robots and risky algorithms.

Children's Voices

Children's Voices is an exhibition of drawings, paintings and linocuts made by children of the Brisbane region in 1997 for the First Australasian Conference on the Rights of the Child. Visit the learning page for ideas on using the collection in your classroom.

Design Online

Design Online Education is designed to introduce young minds to design thinking. A range of teaching levels and curriculum areas are supported

Q ANZAC 100: Memories for a new generation

Participate in activities designed to enhance student understanding of the First World War, or engage online with A State of War, digital stories or soldier portraits.

MAKEIT Workshop Plans

MAKEIT Workshop Plans are detailed lesson plans for libraries, educators and the community at large. Under a share-alike, attribute, non-commercial Creative Commons licence, you can download, use, edit, present and re-write these workshop plans to make them your own.

Notes are available from the exhibition sites in most instances.

Art of the Skins
Distant Lines
State of Emergency
Strait Home
Transforming Tindale

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