Convict Queenslanders

Convict Queenslanders are people who arrived in Australia as convicts, then made their way to Queensland where they became a part of the colony's history.

The information relating to these famous Queenslanders' convictions comes, in part, from the British convict transportation registers 1787-1879.

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Thomas Dowse 1809-1885

Thomas Dowse, 1809-1885, Town Clerk of Brisbane
Town Clerk of Brisbane

William Henry Groom 1833-1901

William Henry Groom, 1833-1901, Member of Parliament
Member of Parliament

James Josey 1821-1903

James Josey, 1821-1908, Landowner, convict

James Davis "Durramboi" 1808-1889

James Davis (Durramboi) (Thumbnail).
Adopted tribesman

Kevin Izod O'Doherty 1823-1905

Kevin Izod O'Doherty, 1823-1905, Physician, political activist
Political activist

John Flood 1832-1909

John Flood, 1832-1909, Shire Council chairman, newspaper owner/editor
Shire Council chairman
Newspaper owner/editor

Patrick O'Sullivan 1818-1904

Pat O'Sullivan, 1818-1904, Landowner, Member of Parliament
Member of Parliament

Hannah Rigby c.1794-1853

Silhouette representing Hannah Rigby

Edward Mott 1807-1900

Edward Mott, 1807-1900, Well-known pioneer
Well-known pioneer

William Charles Wilkes c.1816-1873

William Charles Wilkes, c.1816-1873, Newspaper editor, Separationist
Newspaper editor

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