Yugarabul body parts

Yugarabul is the name of one of the Aboriginal languages spoken in South-East Queensland, particularly the Ipswich area south towards Boonah and the Fassifern Valley; there are similarities and shared words with the Yugara/Yuggera language of Brisbane-Ipswich and the Mununjali language of Beaudesert.

The following list identifies parts of the body and their suggested pronunciation.

Note: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages are oral languages that have only been written down since European settlement; there may be several variations in spelling and pronunciation. The following list should be seen as a guide - check with local language speakers as to the preferred local pronunciation.

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English Yugarabul Pronunciation
Arm Yamma Yah-mah
Belly/Stomach Dhiggeri Dig-ah-ree
Bone Dyrrbin Deer-bin
Ear Binung Bin-ung
Eye/Eyes Mil Meel
Finger Killen Kill-een
Foot Dinna Din-nah
Forehead Midgeree Midge-ah-ree
Hand Marra Mah-rah
Head Mugil Moo-gill
Knee Buhn Boon
Leg Mungurra Mun-gah-rah
Mouth Dhamburu Dam-boo-roo
Neck Ngullun Noo-lun
Nose Muru Moo-roo
Shin Buyu Boo-yoo
Shoulder Giga Gee-gah
Teeth Deear Dee-ah

Further details

For more information on Yugarabul: Yugambeh Museum, Language and Heritage Research Centre serves as the Indigenous Language Centre for Southern Queensland; visit Yugambeh Museum’s website: www.yugambeh.com

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