Turubul body parts

Turubul is the name of one of the Aboriginal languages or dialects spoken in the Brisbane area north to Caboolture and the Sunshine Coast.

Linguistic research, including AUSTLANG and AIATSIS indicate there is some uncertainty around Turubul including whether it refers to a dialect or a group within the North Brisbane Region. Historical documentation from settlers, missionaries and others record words from Turubul since the 1840s. There are shared words between Turubul and neighbouring languages of Kabi Kabi to the north and Yugara / Yuggera to the south.

As Aboriginal languages are oral languages that have only been written since European settlement, the spelling of Turubul and Turubul language may differ in historical documents and other sources; for example Turubul has also been spelt Turrbul, Turubul, Turrabul, Toorbal, Tarabul and Churrabool, etc.

The following list identifies parts of the body and their suggested pronunciation.

Note: the following list should be seen as a guide only; there may be several variations in spelling and pronunciation. Check with local language speakers/custodians as to the preferred local pronunciation.

Aboriginal sounds

In pronouncing Aboriginal words, there are some sounds which are quite different to English and require practice.

'dh' is different to English - it is pronounced with the tongue at back of teeth.

'dj' is similar to English - it can be between ‘j’ and ‘ch’.

'ng' is one sound in Aboriginal languages and is different to the 'n' sound in English - it is closest to the 'ng' sound found in singer.

'nh' is different to English - it is pronounced with the tongue at back of teeth.

'ny' is one sound in Aboriginal languages and is different - it is closest to the 'n' sound found in onion.

'rr' is a rolled 'r' sound similar to a Scottish 'r'; at the end of a word it may sound like ‘d’.

Download Turubal body parts (PDF 235.3 KB)

English Turubul Pronunciation
Arm Yamma Yah-mah
Blood Gardin Gar-din
Bone Dyrrbin Deer-bin
Ear Binung Bin-ung
Eye Mill Mill
Finger Gillen Gill-een
Foot Dinung Din-nung
Forehead Yilim Yill-im
Hair Kabui Kar-boo-ee
Hand Marra Mah-rah
Head Magul Mah-gool
Knee Buhn Boon
Leg Dharang Dah-rang
Mouth Dhambur Dam-boor
Neck Durdur Door-door
Nose Muro Moo-row
Shin Buyu Boo-yoo
Shoulder Giga Gee-gah
Teeth Deea Dee-ah

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Listen to Uncle Joe Kirk’s story of his life as a Turubul Elder: www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgXOTiunNog

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Further details

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