Nggerrikwidhi language

The Nggerikudi Language, also spelt Nggerrikwidhi, is spoken by the Yupungathi People on Western Cape York Peninsula.

The following Nggerikudi language words are included on the Gambara Gamu Biyu body chart poster – use the language pen to hear and practise saying the words. 

Download the Body Chart Nggerrikudi wordlist (PDF 158.7 KB)

English Nggerikudi
Arm d’aga
Belly ra
Body mboa
Chest oni
Chin engau
Ear wo'a
Elbow muto
Eyebrow b’ada
Eyes adae
Foot / toes goa
Finger / hand a
Forehead bai
Hair nga
Head troka
Leg tena
Lip enga
Liver koi-itichi
Shoulder daru
Skin kaie
Teeth / small bone abau
Tongue puduna

Learn more about Nggerikudi!

Read about some of the contact history of the Yupungathi people who were removed to Mapoon Aboriginal Mission, near Weipa. Mapoon Shire Council:

Community organisations

There may be local Aboriginal Community organisations that are working with Nggerrikwidhi language – contact the Indigenous Knowledge Centre at Mapoon.

Further details

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