Gunggari language

The Gunggari language is spoken in the Mitchell region of South-West Queensland and extends north to Morven and Mungallala, East towards Roma and South along the Maranoa River. Gunggari has also been written as Kunggari, Unggari,Coongurri, etc.

The following Gunggari language words are included on the Gambara Gamu Biyu body chart poster – use the language pen to hear and practise saying the words.

Download the Gunggari language body chart (PDF 199.5 KB)

English Gunggari
Ankle Bargu
Arm Do-roo
Body (Back) Bullkoo
Bone Yarrun
Bottom Bunthi
Chest Wonka
Chin Nuthung
Ears Munga
Elbow> Uraldo
Eyes Dilli
Feet/foot Din-ar
Finger/s Mum boo
Forehead Bulka
Hair Utha
Hand Murrda
Head Doonka
Heart Yulgoo
Knee Moogoo
Leg Bala
Lip Bikki
Mouth Da
Neck Nulldo
Nose Who
Shoulders Bidda
Teeth Illa
Toes Munn-dooe
Tongue Thullung

Learn more about Gunggari!

Listen to Aunty Irene Ryder’s story “The Emu went walking” as a virtual book:

Yugambeh Museum, Language and Heritage Research Centre has online resources, including Gunggari wordlists:

Further information

To discover more about the Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander languages on the Body Chart, contact your local Library or Indigenous Knowledge Centre

Community Organisations
As well as local community Elders and Community Members, there is a local Aboriginal Community organisation working with language and cultural heritage in the Gunggari region, including school-based language programs:

Language Centre
Yugambeh Museum, Language and Heritage Research Centre serves as a Language Centre and supports community-based language activities across southern Queensland – specific language activities in Beenleigh, Beaudesert, Gold Coast, Stradbroke Island, Mitchell, Charleville and South-West Queensland.

  • Yugambeh Museum, Language and Heritage Research Centre, Cnr Martens Street and Plantation Road, Beenleigh. Q. 4207. t: (07) 3807 6155 e:

State Library of Queensland

For further information on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages at the State Library of Queensland, please contact:

Queensland Memory, State Library of Queensland
Stanley Place, South Brisbane Qld. 4101.
PO Box 3488, South Brisbane Qld. 4101
t:  (07) 3840 7880            f:   (07) 3842 9126

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