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Many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander language communities are utilising Social Media as a way to promote, preserve and share their languages. There is a diverse range of social media available and the choice is an individual one as to what best suits your language, organisation or community.

The other consideration is the purpose or aim of the social media – is it to connect members from your language group; is it to promote your language to a wider audience; is it to highlight language revival activities?

The following list is a snapshot of Social Media and an accompanying selection of links relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages, and may be useful starting points for schools, communities, IKCs and Public Libraries.

Blogs- are websites with regular updates and typically combine text, images (graphics or video), and links to other webpages. Blogs are usually informal taking on the tone of a diary or journal entry. Many Blogs encourage dialogue by allowing their readers to leave comments. Blogs provide opportunities for you to share information and engage in an online conversation with your target audience(s). Some common free blogging platforms include Blogger, WordPress and Tumblr.

  • State Library of Queensland: has established an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Languages blog to promote and raise awareness of Queensland’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Languages as well as serve as an online space for language workers and community organisations to share and network.
  • Indigenous Knowledge Centres (IKCs): Indigenous Knowledge Centres (IKCs) are owned, managed and staffed by local Aboriginal councils or the Torres Strait Island Regional Council. State Library of Queensland provides ongoing support through training and delivery of programs to sustain knowledge transfer. The IKC Blog allows for sharing and networking across the IKCs as well as promoting their work.
  • Crikey: is an independent media organisation; they have established a languages blog ‘Fully (sic)’ which includes posts on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages. Fully (Sic) Blog
  • Munanga linguist: 'Language man working on Aboriginal languages occasionally sharing his thoughts.'

Social Network sites- Social network sites are online communities that provide opportunities to connect with, or provide resources to clients, colleagues, family and friends who share common interests. Examples of general social networking sites include Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn.

Twitter- You can think of Twitter as a “micro-blog” which can be used on computers, tablets or mobile phones to broadcast short messages, or “tweets,” that are limited to 140 characters.Twitter signup. You can also follow others on Twitter with similar interests; examples of Twitter language-related users include AIATSIS; Our Languages; Living Archive of Aboriginal Languages; etc.

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