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The following list is a selection of links on the State Library of Queensland website that relate to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages and are useful starting points for schools, communities, IKCs and Public Libraries. It provides a snapshot of the different services, activities and sections of State Library that relate to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories, cultures, languages and lifestyles.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Queensland: These SLQ pages have links to resources of interest to Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islanders and include contemporary stories, language, family history, community history, contact details for organisations who can assist with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander family history research, publications and protocols plus related matters.

A Night by the fire: Enjoy the glow of the camp fire and the city lights while listening to key speakers with the focus on hot topics relevant to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. Webcasts of past conversations are available.


  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Languages: this blog has been established to promote and raise awareness of Queensland’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Languages. It is also a space for language workers and community organisations to share and network
  • Indigenous Knowledge Centres (IKCs): Indigenous Knowledge Centres (IKCs) are owned, managed and staffed by local Aboriginal councils or the Torres Strait Island Regional Council. State Library of Queensland provides ongoing support through training and delivery of programs to sustain knowledge transfer.
  • Indigenous Voices: hear from SLQ staff and guests about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, stories and culture at State Library and across Queensland. Discover what’s happening behind the scenes and what events, exhibitions and activities are on at kuril dhagun (SLQ’s Indigenous Knowledge Centre).

Indigenous Advisory Group (SLQ): provides advice to the Library Board on policy and strategic issues concerning library and information service provision for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

kuril dhagun: is a space within State Library's South Bank building devoted to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture:

Public Libraries Connect: Links, resources and information that can assist in the provision of a welcoming library service for Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islanders throughout Queensland. (Includes Welcome Toolkit).

Reconciliation Action Plan 2015-18
SLQ's third Reconciliation Action Plan is where we build on our commitment to reconciliation through the framework of stronger relationships, increasing greater mutual respect and awareness and continuing to provide opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples: Reconciliation Plan 2015-18

SLQ - Digitisation Toolkit: The toolkit provides basic information about how to get started, how to plan, how to employ best practices, standards and equipment, and how to ensure long-term access so that all can enjoy Queensland's unique heritage for many years to come.

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  • SLQ You Tube: Many of the SLQ talks and performances are recorded for you to enjoy in your own time.
    • Tellin Country”: is an art-based project that utilises iPads to illustrate cultural stories about country/place/neighbourhood/home and is produced in partnership with community.
    • Deadly Stories: This project captured stories of local heroes. The films were created through film-making workshops with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.
    • Retelling the stories of the Torres Straits
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The Edge: aims to provide Queenslanders of all ages with the opportunity and inspiration to explore creativity across the arts, technology, science and enterprise

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