Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages websites

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The following list is a selection of websites that relate to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages and are useful starting points for schools, communities, IKCs and Public Libraries in identifying language resources and other information to assist community language revival.

  • Aboriginal Affairs NSW: The webpage describes the use of Languages and Culture Nests to support community language revival.
  • Aboriginal Languages of Australia Virtual Library: This Virtual Library web catalogue has annotated links to 332 resources for 100 languages. About 43% of these resources are produced, published by, or directly represent the voices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.
  • AIATSIS Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies: is a world-renowned research, collections and publishing organisation. They promote knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, traditions, languages and stories, past and present.
  • AUSTLANG Indigenous Languages Database: is the online Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages database linked to Google Maps. The system also facilitates access to other databases, PDF files and links to websites, which all provide information about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages.
  • First Languages Australia: First Languages Australia works to ensure that the wishes of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community members are voiced in key decision-making processes that impact on the current and future management of their languages. This will in turn shape the survival of Australia's traditional languages into the future. The organisation facilitates discussions between communities and the government and key non-government partners whose work affects, or could affect, Australia's Indigenous languages.
  • Muurrbay Aboriginal Language and Culture Co-operative: began in 1986, when Gumbaynggirr Elders got together to revive their language and hand it down to the next generation; the centre now provides training, education and resource development in Gumbaynggirr and neighbouring languages.
  • NQRACLC North Queensland Regional Language Centres: formally incorporated in 2006. The work being carried out by the language centre includes workshops to record speakers of various languages, and training community members in the use of appropriate technology and equipment for their projects.
  • Our Languages: The Our Languages website has been developed as a place where communities and language workers can share and collaborate on activities surrounding Australia's traditional Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages.
  • Queensland Curriculum Assessment Authority – Indigenous Perspectives: QCAA's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Languages Syllabus provides opportunities for students to develop knowledge of and communication skills in the local Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Language.
  • SIL International: The acronym “SIL” originally stood for Summer Institute of Linguistics. However, the organization is now known as SIL International - the organisation has extensive knowledge and resources to support language communities across the world.
  • South Australian Museum:  Webpages showcase the work of Norman B. Tindale who set out to collect and collate empirical data from numerous expeditions culminating in the 1974 'Tindale map'.
  • VACLANG Victorian Aboriginal Corporation for Languages: VACL provides a range of information, reports and resources which show progress in Aboriginal Language revival in Victoria. The website has a range of resources that can be utilised in other language communities across Australia.
  • Yugambeh Museum Language and Heritage Research Centre: The centre serves as the Regional Aboriginal Language Centre for Southern Queensland as well as the recording, preservation and promotion of Yugambeh language and culture.

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