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Korrawinga Aboriginal Corporation began in 1972, when a group of women led by Decima Angeles, established a housing co-operative to meet the needs of the local Aboriginal people in the Hervey Bay area. Over the years, the organisation has grown in strength and diversified the services it offers to the community.

Korrawinga Aboriginal CorporationThe preservation of language and culture has been a strong focus of the Korrawinga Aboriginal Corporation, with activities such as traditional dance, fishing, horticulture, weaving, sewing, beading and woodwork being offered for young and old. The Butchulla Language Program has been a particularly successful outcome from Korrawinga's work. This vibrant program owes much of its strength to the involvement of the younger members of the community, who use story telling, oral histories, games, song and dance to teach and keep their language alive. The Butchulla Language Program has also produced a set of bi-lingual language teaching books that you can read.

In 2006, Korrawinga invited local primary school students to take part in a project to write songs in the Butchulla language, through their language classes. A group of the students then travelled to Brisbane to record the eight songs, creating the CD, Gambay kalim baba-mi marigurim - Together as one standing strong. The project was continued in 2007, this time with high school students who were invited to compose and record in a style of their own choice, in groups, solo or as duets.

Korrawinga continues to develop language resources and support materials for the revival of Butchulla language across Hervey Bay and surrounding communities.

Languages that are spoken or have been spoken in the area covered by this centre include:


There are several virtual books including:

  • Butchulla Gabu "Butchulla boy" by Joyce Bonner
  • Butchulla Wurru "Butchulla girl" by Joyce Bonner
  • ngalamu dhaanban "Our People" by Joyce Bonner
  • djamaramee dhippee "The Small Bird" by Joyce Bonner
  • Wanyanganung ngabang "Where's my mother" by Joyce Bonner

They are available in One Search. Search by title or author.

Listen to tracks from "gambay kalim babami marigurim" - "Together as one, standing strong" CD by the Butchulla dabba yawar-warray music students, 2006.

mulu gabu mulu wurru (Track 6)

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K'Gari gynda narmi (Track 8)

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Contact Korrawinga Aboriginal Corporation

Address: 347 Scrub Hill Road Pialba Q  4655
p:  (07) 4124 6908
e: korra@bigpond.net.au

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