Why language is important

Ethel Munn is an Elder of the Gunggari Aboriginal people from Mitchell in south west Queensland. Much of her life has been devoted to improving opportunities for her people through education, building positive relationships between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and non-Indigenous community members, and actively working to preserve the language and culture of the Gunggari people. She has taken a place on many local and state bodies, offering her wisdom and knowledge for the benefit of all Queenslanders.

Ethel Munn speaking of the importance of caring for language:

This short digital story was made at the former Yumba (or camp) at Mitchell, where local Aboriginal people lived together for many years. The Yumba was closed in 1967.

Through the efforts of Gunggari community members, the Yumba is now retained as a place of cultural significance for the Aboriginal people of the region.

Watch the digital story:

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