Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages

Find out about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages, language centres and language resources in Queensland.

All Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages and dialects in Queensland are considered to be ‘endangered’. This means there are very few fluent speakers of the language. The State Library of Queensland supports community language revival activities through community workshops and the development of language resources including these webpages.

The Indigenous Languages Strategy and associated activities at the State Library of Queensland are supported through funding from the Indigenous Languages Support Program (ILS) from the Australian Government’s Department of Communication and the Arts, Ministry for the Arts.

Note: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander is the preferred terminology rather than Indigenous; however proper names that incorporate 'Indigenous' may appear on these webpages. For example, Indigenous Languages Strategy, Indigenous Languages Support Program and Indigenous Knowledge Centres.

Why language is important

Ethel Munn is an Elder of the Gunggari Aboriginal people of south west Queensland. She explains the importance of language....

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages map of Queensland

An interactive map showing the distribution of the various Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages throughout the state of Queensland,...

Word lists

Links to a range of word lists supporting Queensland's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in their work to document...

Languages of the Torres Strait Islands

Information about Torres Strait Islander languages....

Meston Papers

Overview of Archibald Meston's materials on Indigenous languages...

New media toolkit

New media makes it possible for anyone to create, modify and share Indigenous language content with others, using relatively simple...

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