Stories from the community of Woorabinda

In 2006 members of the Woorabinda community were involved in a project to create digital mini movies telling the unique stories of their community.

The stories have been funded as part of the Queensland Stories project of the State Library of Queensland.

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Smoking is bad

Based on a story by Sireena Lawson, the Woorabinda State School kids explain why smoking is bad for your health and wellbeing.

The fictional story shows that after smoking behind the shed, the kids are slack and tired during sport. In an alternative ending, we see what can happen if you say no to smoking.

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Yabbie hunting

Wadja Wadja school kids go on a yabbie hunting trip to the local fishing spot, Five Mile. Leaving the classroom behind, the school bus passes local landmarks to finally arrive at the popular fishing hole. After two attempts, can they catch a yabbie?

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Lonely Boy

Young Malcolm is a guitar balladeer. The song "Lonely Boy" is dedicated to his mother who passed away from cancer a couple years earlier. Malcolm performs his song amongst the afternoon bush life on the road to Blackboy.

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Them Days

Uncle Joe, one of Woorabinda’s elders, reminisces about the early days of the Community. Set at the local dancing ground, the film lingers with Uncle Joe through his memories and the old archives of the Woorabinda Community.

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Alcohol is bad

Written, directed, filmed, recorded and starring Pete’s class 5/6/7P at Woorabinda State School, the class tell us the fictional story of a party gone wrong and why alcohol can destroy your life. 

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