Stories from the community of Cherbourg

In 2006 members of the Cherbourg community were involved in a project to create digital mini movies telling the unique stories of their community.

The stories were funded as part of the Queensland Stories project of the State Library of Queensland.

Watch the Cherbourg stories

Say no to drugs and grog

The grade 5/6 Film Club of Cherbourg State School made a fictional film about the dangers of drugs and alcohol, and to empower people to say no.

Watch the film.

David's Story

A personal story about David and his love for his local football team. This film was made by the Grade 5/6 film club at Cherbourg State School.

Watch the film.

Marching for Mr Blackman

The Grade 6/7 Film Club of Cherbourg State School made a film in memory of their teacher Mr. Blackman.

Watch the film.

Ruby Hunter's story

The Grade 6/7 Film Club of Cherbourg State School made a film about Indigenous performer, Ruby Hunter, following her visit to Cherbourg.

Watch the film.

Zac's Story

Sylvia recounts her story about her son Zac's struggle with mainstream education and how together they found a way to harness his skills and give him self-confidence and fulfilment.

Watch the film. 

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