Adventure at Thompson's Creek - Ngayu Jilba Dungan Bada Thompson's Creek

Adventures at Thompson’s Creek (English language) from Cairns ILS on Vimeo.

Also available as an MP4 from the State Library of Queensland.

Adventures at Thompson's Creek (Kuku Yalanji language) from Cairns ILS on Vimeo.

Also available as an MP4 from the State Library of Queensland.


Author: Lane Hooker, age 10. Original artwork by Bloomfield State School students
Literacy facilitator: Dot Walker
Illustration and ICT facilitator: Lynette Griffiths
Editing: Dot Walker
Digital preparation and illustration editing: Lynette Griffiths
Indigenous Knowledge Centre Coordinator: Carol Toby
Facilitating animator: Gregg Maxwell
Facilitating Artist animation: Sharon Phineasa
Local artists: Faron Nunn and Shontell Walker
Animators and post production: Paul Lalo and Jennie Vigaud
Sound recording: Gregg Maxwell

VoiceoverEnglish and Language narration: Carol Toby

Thanks and acknowledgements
Bloomfield River State School Principal: Lorne Willadsen
Class teacher: Jaki Levy
Language and support community teacher: Norman Tayley
Pegasus Studios: Nigel Pegrum
Participating students from Bloomfield River State School and participating children and their families involved in Culture Love 2011
With funding assistance from the Australian Government's Indigenous Culture and Support Program


Language Glossary:

kudi – barramundi
bulki – cow/cattle/bull
barrbal – mangrove jack
jilba dungan – adventure/walk about/hunting
bikibiki – pig
kaya – dog
kuyu – fish
bayil – freshwater perch
Buru – China Camp (back of Wujal Wujal)
ngawiya – green sea turtle
kiway kiway – cold
ngujay – freshwater turtle
mayi – food
ngayku – my
bayan – house/home
yalbay – big
jinkalgmu – brown snake
bulkiji – pippy shell
ngulkurr bajaku – fantastic/great/excitgin
juku – tree/stick
yamba yamba yirril – pack up


1:  On Sunday I packed my spear gun and diving mask and drove to Thompson’s Creek with my family

2:  When we got there we started looking under logs for ngujay but we did not catch anything.

3:  Then we walked downstream and under a tree we spotted all the kuyu swimming in the water.  Eric caught a good sized bayil.

4:  After this we walked upstream and Allan’s grandfather caught a huge ngujay.

5:  We made a fire and cooked both the ngujay and the bayil for lunch.  They tasted good.

6:   Finally we packed up all our gear and went home.

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