The journey to Injinoo

The Journey to Injinoo (English language) from Cairns ILS on Vimeo.

Also available as an MP4 from the State Library of Queensland.


Author: Original artwork and writing by students from Northern Peninsula Area State College
Literacy facilitator: Dot Walker
Illustration and ICT facilitator: Lynette Griffiths
Editing: Dot Walker
Digital preparation and illustration editing: Lynette Griffiths
Language Support teacher: Mrs Mary Eseli
Animators: Paul Lalo and Jennie Vigaud
Sound artist: Will Kepa

Narrator: Mary Eseli
Thakau: Alfred Mara
Jacko: Dale Salee
Extra: Asai Pablo


Language Glossary

Injinoo       Place, originally called Cowal Creek
Ikambala    Crocodile
Yati            Creek or river
Urruvu        Land goanna
Eerra          Spear
Pana           Friend


1:  Many years ago in the south country a very old man called Thakau and his grandson Jacko set out on a long journey to Injinoo.  They were going to live there with their pana.

Thakau says, ‘Will you help me go on this journey Jacko?’

Jacko says, ‘Yes I will come with you and learn much from you’

2:  Thakau was so old that Jacko had to help him along the way.  As they travelled they saw lots of animals.  One day Jacko speared a urruvu and they cooked it for dinner.

Thakau says, ‘Look a urruvu – use your eerra, quickly Jacko!’

Jacko says, ‘Yes! And then you can show me how to cook it.’

3:  After many days they arrived at the Jardine River.  It was very wide and deep.  Thakau knew he would never be able to swim across because he was so old and tired.

Thakau says, ‘I am much too old to try to cross this yati.’’

Jacko says, ‘Don’t worry – I’ll think of a way.’

4:  Jacko decided to build a canoe that would take them both across the yati to where they could see their friends waiting on the other side.

Jacko says, ‘I want to learn from you Thakau.’

Thakau says, ‘I will sing while you build the canoe and tell you stories.’

5:  When the canoe was finished they started to paddle across the yati.  But… an ikambala swam towards them and began attacking the canoe.

Thakau says, ‘Do something quickly Jacko!’

Jacko says, ‘Where’s my eerra?’

6:  Jacko grabbed his eerra from the bottom of the canoe and speared the ikambala right through the eye.

Thakau says, ‘Well done Jacko! I am proud of you’

7:  Finally they safely reached the other side of the yati where their friends were waiting for them.  Then they all travelled on to Injinoo to live together.

Friend says, ‘Welcome!’

Thakau says, ‘This is my grandson.  He has learnt well’.

Friend says, ‘Now we can all travel safely to Injinoo.’

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