Cape treasures

Cape treasures is a collection of animations/group stories by children from four communities in Cape York.

Cape Treasures: Children from Cape York share stories - read along with the videos.

The partnership between Aboriginal Shire Councils, the Torres Strait Island Regional Council and the State Library of Queensland supports a network of Indigenous Knowledge Centres. The centres are community hubs that engage all generations in creative, cultural and educational activities. Strong partnerships, including those with local schools, are encouraging written and digital Indigenous authorship while valuing traditional expression through art, carving, dance and song.

Adventure at Thompson's Creek

Video animation created by students from Bloomfileld River State School and written by Lane Hooker. In English and Yalanji

The Wallaby and the Dugong

A traditional story from Lockhart River teaches how the wallaby and dugong got their tails. In English and Umpila

Pormpuraaw: The Kaangkan Brothers

Developed during a Culture Love event in 2012, the traditional story is about respect and discipline of children and young people within their communities. In English and Munkan. It is also a story of transition into manhood.

The Journey to Injinoo

The animation tells the story of the Elder Thakau and his grandson Jacko and their journey to Injinoo

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