98.9 FM

98.9 FM Murri Country radio logo98.9FM was the first Indigenous radio station in a capital city. The station has grown exponentially since it first went to air on Tuesday April 6, 1993.

With a great blend of Country and Indigenous music, the station now attracts a large and diverse audience.

Its mission statement is "to be an appropriate media service for the cultural and economic independence of Indigenous people."

Interviews with members of the Indigenous community have been made available to the State Library by 98.9FM.

Listen to the interviews

Freedom Rides: Charlie Perkins on the road

Listen to Charles Perkins tell us about the Freedom Rides of 1965 - one of the most significant Indigenous Rights protests in Australian history.

Listen to the interview.

Eddie Gilbert

Hear the story of the great Aboriginal bowler Eddie Gilbert, who died a sad death after a career that stagnated due to racism.

Listen to the interview.

Graham 'Polly' Farmer

Hear a profile of one of AFL's greatest legends Graham 'Polly' Farmer.

Listen to the interview.

Uncle Kevin Buzzacott

Hear Uncle Kevin Buzzacott, one of the protestors at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, walked all the way from his traditional land in South Australia to the landing place of Captain Cook in Sydney, speak about the protest.

Listen to the interview.

Jack Marsh

Hear Aboriginal cricketer Jack Marsh speak about his unique bowling style and the obstacles he faced in his career.

Listen to the interview.

Arthur Beetson

Listen to the life and legacy of Aboriginal league hero Arthur Beetson.

Listen to the interview.

Charlie Samuels

Was he the fastest man in the world? Hear more about the extraordinary sporting talents of Charlie Samuels.

Listen to the interview.

Joe McGuiness

Award-winning journalist Geoff McMullen narrates Aboriginal Rights campaigner Joe McGuiness’ life story.

Listen to the interview.

Senator Neville Bonner

Neville Bonner's appointment as a Senator was an important moment in Australian history. Hear him speak about his role as this country's first Aboriginal representative in the Federal Government.

Listen to the interview.

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