Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Queensland

Locate resources of interest to Aboriginal people, Torres Strait Islanders and general users interested in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander related matters.


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander-related collections available through State Library.

Contemporary stories

Contemporary stories and videos about and by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. (Please note: the stories may contain references to or images of people who are deceased.)

Community history

The history and culture of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities in Queensland is diverse, rich and alive.

Indigenous Knowledge Centres

Details and locations of Indigenous Knowledge Centres (IKC) throughout Queensland as part of partnerships between Local Governments and State Library.

Indigenous voices blog

Discover what’s happening behind the scenes and dig deeper into events, exhibitions and activities at kuril dhagun (SLQ’s Indigenous Knowledge Centre), throughout SLQ and in the wider Queensland community

Indigenous languages

Find out about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages, language centres and language resources in Queensland.

Publications and protocols

Information about plans, protocols, policies and strategies relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people used by State Library.

Indigenous resources

Indigenous resources available at State Library include books and other material, articles in online databases, images and websites.


Contact details for organisations that can assist with Queensland Indigenous family history research.

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