James Hardie Library of Australian Fine Arts

The James Hardie Library of Australian Fine Arts, one of the component collections of the Australian Library of Art, was donated to State Library of Queensland in 1988 by James Hardie Industries as a bicentennial gift to the nation. It had been built by them to be one of the finest art libraries in the country and has been further developed by SLQ. Its strengths include near-comprehensive collections of books about Australian art and artists, deluxe and limited edition art books, art research resources such as exhibition catalogues and serials, and fine and private press publications.

Features of the collection include:

  • bookplates
  • archival and manuscript material related to Australian artists, art societies, art galleries and private presses
  • fine examples of published Australian botanical illustrations
  • original artworks, blocks and plates used to produce illustrations in Australian art books
  • printers' mock-ups and publishers' dummies of Australian art books
  • ephemeral material such as exhibition invitations documenting the details of the careers of Australian artists.

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