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What is the oldest item in SLQ's collections?

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Our oldest collection item is a cuneiform tablet from ancient Iraq, dating to about 1850 B.C. Was your guess correct?

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Explore our range of online resources – journal & newspaper articles, family history, music, industry data & more. Free access onsite at South Bank & many available at home if you are an SLQ member.

UNESCO World Day for Audiovisual Heritage – It’s your story – don’t lose it!

October 27 marks the celebration of the World Day for Audio-visual Heritage in institutions around the world to raise awareness of the need to preserve audiovisual assets in our collections…

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Children & families

Explore our diverse range of information, activities and services:



First World War soldier portraits available online

Many thousands of Queensland soldiers had their portrait taken and published in The Queenslander newspaper. Each portrait represents part of a Queensland family's story of their First World War experience.

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Annual Report 2015-16

Anual Report 2015-16

The Library Board of Queensland Annual Report covers the activities of SLQ for 2015-16

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Flip the tile

Did you guess it? It's a snake wrapped around the neck of a German Shepherd at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, Brisbane, ca.1930.

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kuril dhagun

Community connection and advocacy to create, share & preserve Indigenous knowledge, ideas and experiences.

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The Edge


Libraries as Creative Spaces

The impact of libraries as creative spaces

Promoting ready access to information through digital media.

Understanding and demonstrating the new contributions public libraries make to their communities is critical.

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Digitised @SLQ: Photograph of Miss Grace Perry, “Queen of Queens” of the Queensland Patriotic Carnival, 1915

The studio photograph above shows Miss Grace Perry, representing the firm of T.C. Beirne and Co., in her regalia as “Queen of Queens” of the Queensland Day Patriotic Carnival in…

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