The Cane Toad Times. On show 5 November 2011 - 25 March 2012. Poking fun in a police state

The storytellers

"I was only in it for the love of drawing and the glory of seeing my work published."
− Matt Mawson, cartoonist, layout artist and most-capped player for Cane Toad Times, credited in 19 out of the total 22 issues.

In 1976, before Cane Toad Times started, Matt had got to know two students called Terry Murphy and Damien Ledwich who were helping 4ZZZ produce Radio Times, drawing cartoons and doing layout. These cartoonists teamed up with the people who started Cane Toad Times – John Jiggens, David Richards, Gerard Lee, Mirtek Pasciezny, Ian Roberts, Craig Munro, Bill Thorpe, Sue McLeod, Janice Knopke and Landon Watts. Dave Richards says Cane Toad Times was "like my childhood dream of what making a newspaper would be like. We had to do everything…".

When production stopped in 1979, Matt, Terry and Damien were without an important outlet for their cartoons. Matt, in the meantime, was working at Semper, the University of Queensland student newspaper. Semper became a bridge between the two eras of Cane Toad Times. Editors around that time included Tim Low, Anne Jones and Andrew Fraser. Writers included Stephen Stockwell and Ian Cook.

Teaming up with pals from 4ZZZ, they hatched a plot to resurrect Cane Toad Times. The first issue of volume two came out in September 1983. It featured many photos of the contributors gallivanting around South East Queensland posing with big things.

The editorial team settled to become Mark Bracken, Anne Jones, Damien Ledwich and Robert Whyte, with Stephen Stockwell as the Sydney editor.