The Cane Toad Times. On show 5 November 2011 - 25 March 2012. Poking fun in a police state

Playing around

"Dolly Bludger's Misfits is the fun-filled game that challenges you to prove for yourself that life wasn't meant to be easy."
− Introduction to the board game Dolly Bludger's Misfits in 'The Phantoad' issue of Cane Toad Times, April 1978

Devised by Flark March and developed with John Jiggens, Matt Mawson, Damien Ledwich and Terry Murphy, Misfits had nine different ladders to climb to success starting at the bottom as a 'dole bludger' and climbing to such pinnacles as 'Chief Pig'.

This game and two further board games printed in Cane Toad Times all featured the Police Commissioner and the theme of corruption. The back cover of the 'Food and Corruption' issue, Summer 1985, featured a board game called Become Police Commissioner the hard way. Developed by Stephen Stockwell with Malcolm Enright, it was a snakes-and-ladders-style game with ways to get ahead like 'Lead police riot during Springbok Tour'.

A third board game Corruption was published in the 'Music and Money' issue, Spring 1988, at the height of the Fitzgerald Inquiry and featured many incidents detailed in the Inquiry. Development was led by Mark Bracken with illustrations by Terry Murphy and Damien Ledwich.