The Cane Toad Times. On show 5 November 2011 - 25 March 2012. Poking fun in a police state


"Never had a coat of many – well, two colours – become a red badge of courage for just $9.99 plus postage! Includes exclusive signed Fitzgerald Fan Club membership certificate!"
− Mark Bracken, editor and supremo of the Lifestyle Accessories Division of the Cane Toad Times Second Collective.

From the very beginning, raising enough money to keep printing was critical. The First Collective sold ads to alternative businesses, ran benefits like 'The Cane Toad Hop' and produced t-shirts notably the 'Royal Cane Toad' and the 'Phantoad', both by Matt Mawson.

The Second Collective chose not to run ads, but realised that t-shirts could be marketed and sold independently of Cane Toad Times. An early success was 'Lacostigan' which spoofed 'La Coste' sportswear, the Costigan Royal Commission 1980-1984 and the mysterious role of Kerry Packer code-named 'Goanna'. Other humorous t-shirts included 'I am not American' and the 'Tony Fitzgerald Fan Club'. Future Queensland Premier Wayne Goss was photographed wearing his Fan Club t-shirt while going for a run.

Cane Toad Times also spun off a theatre company called ToadShow which later morphed into a creative communications company still going today. While ToadShow productions did not directly fund Cane Toad Times, they presented a great opportunity for cross-promotions.

Mark Bracken was the architect of the Lifestyle Accessories Division selling various t-shirts, independent videos, back issues and even earrings in the shape of cane toads.