The Cane Toad Times. On show 5 November 2011 - 25 March 2012. Poking fun in a police state

The art

"My head was full of crazy ideas about social justice, but before we charged the barricades, a good dose of ridicule was required."
− Deb Brown, cartoonist, philosopher and regular contributor to the Cane Toad Times Second Collective

Cartoons were pivotal to Cane Toad Times from the beginning.

Historian and First Collective cartoonist Raymond Evans lists influences including American, Australian and British satire especially Mad, Help, Oz, Private Eye and the whole underground comix scene. First and Second Collective cartoonist Damien Ledwich adds Heavy Metal and National Lampoon, but more importantly, he believes Matt Mawson was an inspiration for many of the other Cane Toad Times artists. From the first issue, Matt's single and multiple-frame cartoons were mature, surreal and funny.

Alongside the cartoonists were artists and illustrators. Many, such as John Carey and Michael Barnett, were asked to prepare illustrations for specific stories. Styles and approaches ranged from satire, social and political comment to cool observation, wit and elegance to offensive impact and shock.

Contributors were new players, naïve artists and professionals escaping straight jackets of existing outlets looking for a 'real local voice'.