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The Chai Community

The Chai Community is more than a gathering of like-minded women from the Gold Coast – it is an inspiring community story of individual responsibility and belonging. Formed in response to negative reactions to the building of a mosque in Currumbin, The Chai Community meets regularly to learn, share ideas, and drink Chai. Ishrat Abdool, Ree Ali, and Lesley Bryant, three members of The Chai Community, share their journey of understanding and how with the help of the Anti-Discrimination Commission Queensland they are bringing about change in their local community.

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Interviewees: Ree Ali, Lesley Bryant, and Ishrat Abdool and featuring other members of The Chai Community and Mackayla Jefferies, Director, Community Engagement, ADCQ.
Interviewer: Olivia Robinson, SLQ
Filmmaker: Jeremy Santolin, The Picture Club

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