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A clear message

When the Anti-Discrimination Act 1991 was amended in 2002 to include gender identity and sexuality as attributes, it sent a clear message that discrimination against and vilification of LGBTI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Intersex) Queenslanders would not be tolerated. Today, members of the LGBTI community celebrate such recognition while continuing the struggle for equality. Evie Ryder from Open Doors and Matilda Alexander from the LGBTI Legal Service give an insight into the challenges faced by the LGBTI community and the journey towards a more tolerant Queensland.

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Interviewee: Evie Ryder, LGBTI community advocate and social worker, Open Doors.
Interviewer: Danielle Flanagan, Project Officer, ADCQ.

Interviewee: Matilda Alexander, President and Principal Solicitor, LGBTI Lega Service inc.
Interviewer: Mackayla Jefferies, Director, Community Engagement, ADCQ

Filmmaker: Jeremy Santolin, The Picture Club

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