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Introducing... genetics

Emma Whitelaw introduces the world of the gene and demystifies the science behind controversial issues like stem cell research, designer babies and the human genome.

Emma WhitelawSpeaker:  Emma Whitelaw
Duration:  1 hr 5:34 minutes
Date:  4 July 2007
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Introducing... the future

Futurist Tony Stevenson discusses our complex relationship with the future and how even just thinking about it can bring about change and a different world for our children and future generations.

Introducing the futureSpeaker:  Tony Stevenson
Duration:  59:13 minutes
Date:  10 October 2007
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Introducing...extreme weather

Ian Townsend introduces the social and political side of extreme weather phenomenon through the context of one of Australia's deadliest natural disasters.

Extreme weatherSpeaker:  Ian Townsend
Duration:  1hr 4:09 minutes
Date:  26 March 2007
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Bill Bowtell revisits Australia's successes in containing HIV/AIDS and introduces the idea of a renewed threat on our doorstep which could destabilise the Asia-Pacific region.

Bill BowtellSpeaker:  Bill Bowtell
Duration:  59:18 minutes
Date:  8 August 2007
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