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Deepen the conversation - Sean Leahy

Political cartoon from Sean Leahy

The Fine Line: The politics of political cartooning

Drawing political cartoons can be a risky and dangerous occupation. Like all satire, political cartoons tread a fine line between truth telling with humour and defamation.

In a famous court case in the 80s, one of Patrick Cook’s cartoons was accused of being defamatory of the architect Harry Seidler. After intense legal scrutiny, the Court found it was defensible on the grounds of public comment.

Listen to the Courier-Mail’s preeminent cartoonist Sean Leahy chatting with dale spender on the inspiration, the risk and the rage of political cartooning in Australia.

When Tue 7 Dec, 2010. 6pm
Where slq Auditorium 1, level 2
Duration: 1:09:43 hr

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Introducing... social exclusion

David Burchell looks at patterns of marginalisation and the idea of "the other" shaped by history, policy and personal incapacity.

David BurchellSpeaker:  David Burchell
Duration:  1 hr 2:41 minutes
Date:  23 April 2007
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Introducing... the politics of spin

Sharon Beder looks at the politics of public relations spin and how it is influencing the way we think.

Sharon BederSpeaker:  Sharon Beder
Duration:  54:58 minutes
Date:  2 May 2007
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Lisa Forrest

Listen to Lisa Forrest, author, former Olympian and media personality, as she discusses her latest book Boycott. At the age of sixteen, Lisa found herself at the centre of one of Australia’s most significant sporting and political moments, the controversial boycott of the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow. Lisa tells her story for the first time, taking us from her early strokes in the local pool of a Sydney beachside suburb, to death threats and public denunciation by both politicians and the media. Through interviews with everyone from the Prime Minister of the day, Malcolm Fraser, to members of the AOC, sports administrators, journalists and the athletes themselves, she takes us behind the scenes of an extraordinary and far-reaching chapter in Australian sporting history. Boycott is the story of the athletes who defied the inducements and pressure coming from the highest levels, maintaining that the Olympics was about peace, not politics and chose to follow their dream. This webcast was presented in partnership the Courier Mail, The big Book Club / The Little Big Book Club.

Lisa ForrestSpeakers:  Lisa Forrest and Gerard Collins
Duration:  1:02:17 minutes
Date:  20 May 2008
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Multicultural summit

Keynote speaker Jason Yat-Sen Li at the 2007 Multicultural Summit discusses multiculturalism in Australia. The summit was presented by Ethnic Communities Council of Queensland in cooperation with Multicultural Development Association, Brisbane City Council and MultiLink Community Services and sponsored by Multicultural Affairs Queensland, State Library of Queensland and Active Migration.

Jason_Yat_Sen-LiSpeaker:  Jason Yat-Sen Li
Duration:  1:00:47 minutes
Date:  19 November 2007
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Redefining how success is measured in aboriginal learning

In this webcast representatives from the Canadian Council on Learning (CCL) and its Aboriginal Learning Knowledge Centre (ABLKC)  discuss how they are working in partnership with First Nations, Inuit and Métis to redefine how we measure success in Aboriginal learning.  One key outcome of this work is to develop appropriate tools needed to identify the many aspects of lifelong learning that contribute to success for First Nations, Inuit and Métis — Holistic Lifelong Learning Models.  

Aboriginal learningSpeakers:  Jarrett Laughlin, Rose Bouvier & Genevieve Fox
Duration:  1:09:42 minutes
Date:  15 December 2008
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