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Introducing... Paul Grabowsky

Paul Grabowsky performs in front of and behind the piano, sharing tales of his stellar career and his experience as Artistic Director of the Queensland Music Festival.

Paul GrabowskySpeaker:  Paul Grabowsky
Duration:  1 hr 5:30 minutes
Date:  13 June 2007
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John Bell

Listen as Australia’s leading exponent of Shakespeare John Bell privileges you with his personal insights and stories in an intriguing conversation with Queensland Theatre Company Artistic Director Michael Gow. These stalwarts of the stage discuss John’s remarkable impact on Australian theatre and their latest collaboration on Heiner Müller’s Shakespeare Commentary Anatomy Titus Fall of Rome. This conversation was presented in partnership the Queensland Theatre Company.

John BellSpeakers:  John Bell and Michael Gow
Duration:  1:02:40 minutes
Date:  20 August 2008
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Michael Gow

Join Carol Burns in conversation with Michael Gow, Artistic Director of Queensland Theatre Company as he shares tales of his stellar career as a writer and director, his personal inspirations and influences as an artist, and some compelling insights into the world of creating stories through theatre.

Michael GowSpeakers: Michael Gow
Duration:  1:00:22 minutes
Date:  19 March 2008
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Sam Cutler

As the rotors created an ungodly racket above, I sat there crammed into the helicopter with the Stones, their management and various hangers-on. What the hell had happened? The free concert at Altamont was meant to be a peak in the career of the Rolling Stones. It was intended to be a celebration of not just the music, but the thriving peace and love counter-culture of the sixties. Rather it had descended into a bloody chaotic mess of violence, death and despair. And we were on the run.’

Sam Cutler has been at the centre of some of the most exciting developments in the music industry, and has worked with the two largest grossing live artists in the world, the Rolling Stones and the Grateful Dead. Listen as he shares his titillating stories, now captured in a behind-the-scenes tell-all rock memoir.

Sam CutlerSpeakers:  Sam Cutler and Noel Mengel
Duration:  1:04:58 minutes
Date:  15 October 2008
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