Archive of past webcasts - Of love and war

Of love and war explores the relationships forged during times of conflict, and the emotions felt by couples as a result of separation, loss and reunion.

Susannah Fullerton: Love and War in Leo Tolstoy’s Life and Novels

Leo TolstoyCelebrated writer and philosopher, Leo Tolstoy was a soldier, educational reformer, teacher and philosopher who made his name famous through an art he despised - writing fiction. Throughout his life he struggled to live by his ever changing ideologies. For many years he enjoyed a happy marriage, with Sofya devotedly copying out his novels as he wrote them. However, when Tolstoy decided to give up writing novels and turned instead to philosophy and teaching his many followers, the trouble began. The marriage became a bitter struggle over Tolstoy, with his wife and some of the children on one side, daughter Sasha and Tolstoy’s followers on the other. 

One hundred years after his death, Tolstoy’s works are as popular today as they were in 1910 - indeed, War and Peace and Anna Karenina are regarded as two of the greatest novels ever written. Discover the man behind the novels as author, Susannah Fullerton, takes you on a journey through Tolstoy's life, love, writings and death.

Part of the program for the ‘Of Love and War’ exhibition

When Fri 26 Nov, 2010. 1pm
Where slq Auditorium 2, level 2
Duration:  1:07:36 hours

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